Jennifer 4'7'' 140cm
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Product details

3 Fuck holes: Anal, Vaginal and Oral

  • Height 4 ft 7 in | 140 cm
  • Weight 57.3 lbs |  26 kg
  • Vaginal depth 7.9 in | 20 cm
  • Anal depth 7.1 in |  18 cm
  • Oral depth  5.1 in 13 cm
  • Waist circ. 17.7 in 45 cm
  • Hip circ.  31.3 in 79.5 cm
  • Across Shoulder 12.2 in | 31 cm
  • Upper Bust circ. 29.5 in | 75 cm
  • Lower Bust circ. 19.1 in | 48.5 cm
  • Leg length 20.9 in | 53 cm
  • Arm length 13.8 in | 35 cm
  • Thigh circ. 16.7 in | 42.5 cm
  • Calf circ. 10.4 in | 26.5 cm
  • Foot length 8.3 in | 21 cm
  • Palm length 6.7 in | 17 cm
  • Neck circ.  9.8 in | 25 cm
  • Package size 51.2x15.8x11.4 in | 130x40x29 cm
Package includes:
  • Wig (normally the same as in the pictures)

  • USB Heating Rod (to warm up the holes before using it) 

  • Vaginal flusher (water pump to clean the holes)

  • A Set of Lingerie (not the clothes in the pictures)
  • sex doll accessories included

    And if you leave us a photo review when you receive the doll, we will send you for FREE the next accessories:

  • A repair kit

  • Stain removal cream

  • A hanging hook to store your doll in a wardrobe

  • Extra wig of your choice

  • Extra pair of eyes of your choice
  • How to get them? Once you receive the doll you will get an email asking you for a review. Upload at least two pictures of your doll with your review and send us an email asking for your free gifts. That easy!

    How to clean after use?
    cleaning instructions

    Each doll comes with a water pump like this one, also called vaginal irrigator or vaginal flusher. After using it, flush the holes with the water pump we will provide you. Then you need to dry the holes because the moisture can ruin it in the long term. To dry the holes, we suggest using tampons, one for the mouth orifice and 2 for the vagina or anus.

    How is the skeleton?
    sex doll skeleton

    All our dolls are made from medical grade extra soft TPE. TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. This plastic material has some advantages over the traditional silicone doll: it is more life-like, it is more stretchable, retains its shape better, can be easily repaired if damaged and it is chemically neutral to many substances. Read here a comparison of Silicone vs TPE

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