Sex Doll Buyer's guide

This is what you need to know if you are considering to buy a love doll. Information and tips to help you make an informed decision.

Is a sex doll really worth its price?

f you have never experienced the pleasure that a love doll can give you, you may ask yourself this question. Of course, the answer to this question depends on personal opinion, but if we look into the sales data we can see a clear answer. Only within the United States, we sell thousands of dolls a year. Some of our customers even buy a second doll a few months after their first purchase. If there is so many people paying the price, is because they find it worth.

You can consider it an investment. An investment in yourself, to improve your sex life.

Who uses sex dolls?

If you think love dolls are only for weirdos, you are completely wrong. TPE Sex Dolls are the ultimate sex toy, or the sex toy of the future. They are being used by married couples, professional photographers, couples who want to spice up their sex life and many other profiles...

For example, we have customers like:

  • People in a long distant relationship:

    who seek the pleasure that his girlfriend or boyfriend is not able to provide in the distance. Technically it is not an infidelity, so the partner has nothing to fear. Having affairs with other people can lead you to get AIDs, something that will never happen with a doll.

  • Couples:

    who want to spice up their sexual life and look for a doll as a threesome companion. Around 40% of our customers are currently in a relationship.

  • Single people:

    We all deserve a healthy sex life. Unluckily, most of us can't find a fuck buddy as often as we feel the need of satisfying ourselves. To have a doll at home is like having a pocket pussy masturbator, but much better. Some of our clients told us that a doll even helped them to recover from a depression. Could a love doll become a therapeutic method?

  • Photographers:

    More and more photographers purchase a doll to use it as a model because they are very lifelike. Although dolls seem expensive, to pay a real model for few photo shooting sessions will be more expensive. Even if they work with models, sex dolls can help them to set up the lightning and can be used for training purposes, to try new set ups without the need of having a professional model waiting to get the best composition

How is the inside of our sex dolls?

The vagina, anus and oral cavities of these dolls are rubbed and tight. The elasticity and touch of the material is very similar to human flesh. The dotted pattern in the orifice walls stimulates and produces the same pleasure and feeling as a real vagina.

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How Do Sex dolls work?

To get an idea of how do they function, we have to talk about how they are made. Here is a picture of the skeleton beneath the TPE skin of a love doll. It is made of steel and its articulations imitate the ones of the human body. The joints have the right stiffness to hold any position (standing up, doggy-style, arms-up...) but loose enough to be moved freely.

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