Sex Doll Review

First-time buyers interested in purchasing a sex doll need to consider sex doll reviews before finalizing their checkout. Unfortunately, scammers can prey on men looking to gain intimate non-committal companionships by setting up fake sex doll merchandising platforms to steal personal information, most importantly credit card details. Avoid being scammed out of companionship, money, and time by thoroughly going through sex dolls reviews to ensure the vendor is reliable and trusted.

Purchase Considerations    

When reading through the sex doll descriptions and reviews, it is critical also to review important aspects. For example, dolls can vary in weight, and lifting and physical strength needs to be considered. Check out a mini sex doll review to find a partner that suits physical or storage limitations. Otherwise, a standard sex dolls review will show an approximate weight of 41 kilograms (90 pounds).


Some add-ons and customizations may change features, thus weight, of the sex doll. Fixed and removable anal, oral, and vaginal cavities. If bulky weight is a concern or the doll needs to be broken down into smaller pieces for storage, then removable inserts would be the better option. Likewise, for legs, men can buy a smaller sex companion or just a torso if storage or weight are important purchase factors. 


Sex Doll Market

Recent statistics show that 90% of all sex dolls are made in China, and out of them, only 10% of them are trustworthy. It is vital to check out sex doll reviews to make sure that the product description and picture match what other customers have received. In order words, the doll should be received exactly as advertised. Even if they are shipping out of European or North American companies, companies that use photoshop or promotional materials to advertise are expected to have a lower star or trusted ratings. Simply put, copycats will take original images and recraft them to make them match their marketing schemes or hide that they are using cheaper materials or different measurements. Often, dolls from copycats will have more horrible or rigid skin conditions. Sex dolls reviews can be insightful in determining a copycat sex doll retailer from a legit high-quality vendor.


Another thing is quality engineering in sex doll creation. An exemplary sex doll review will include the material used, where TPE is generally preferred over silicon, and information on the doll’s skeleton. Metal skeletons have the frequency of piercing through the doll’s feet and typically rusting, meaning men cannot enjoy a bath or hot tub experience with their lovely sex doll. Anyways, dolls that come with their heating systems for their orifices should not be exposed to water long-term.


The Basics

A person will get what they pay for: do not buy cheap! According to a sex dolls review, a companion over 140 centimeters (4’6”) are worth around $1,500. If a sale seems too good to be true, it probably is. Those buying discount sex dolls who have received a companion are counterfeit with bad skin color or quality, too tight or loose body frame, incorrect breast forms, and unwanted attributable weights.


Beyond discounts, payments, and sales, it is essential to know that a vendor’s customer service line is readily available, whether by calling in or online. Despite the popularity of eCommerce, registered businesses will have a legitimate billing address or headquarters with a phone number. Speaking to a representative about the process will also give buyers more information about sex doll selection, from catalog options and available customizations to personal and credit card security. Getting these answers directly from the source may be beneficial if conflicting or insufficient reviews exist.


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