Having sex with a love doll

If it's your first purchase...

You may have some doubts about how does it feel to have sex with a love doll. When it comes to fucking a doll, vaginal sex or anal sex are the only options most people imagine of. Apparently, that's just a fraction of what this pleasure toy can achieve.
Your sex doll can even give you a sensational blow job. It's amazing, I can tell you by my own experience! Well, there's even more. You can bang your doll in various creative sex positions, anytime you want to and for as long as you wish. Oral cavity designed only with pleasure in mind.

Penetrating a Sex Doll

The anus, vagina and oral cavities of our love dolls aretight and rubbed. They are made of high-quality TPE material whose touch and elasticity are remarkably alike to the human flesh.The walls of the orifices are profiled with dotted and rubbed patterns that stimulate the dick to generate a sensational feeling and pleasure similar to a real vagina.
Additionally, the vagina's symmetrical design and the anus's accurate anatomy ensures normal penetration points while supporting various positions.Most sex doll users wonder if it's okay to cum inside the doll. Well, there's no problem as long as you clean the orifices afterward.

Other Interesting things you can do with your sex doll

By now you must be having a myriad of interesting ideas when it comes to fucking dolls. However, that's not all. Besides getting laid, there are dozens of other fascinating things you can do with your sex doll. If you're moody, sad or just feeling down and yearning for companionship, your sex doll can offer a shoulder to lean on. You can cuddle, hug and even kiss your life-size doll.
If you find it romantic having someone sleep with you, a doll can be a very intimate bedmate. Last but not least, you can catch up on your favorite movies, make dinner, watch the sunset together or even go out for a date…virtually you can share every aspect of your private life with a love doll.

Dolls are not meant only to enjoy alone

They are great to spice up any relationship. Do you have an ongoing relationship but it is getting monotonous? A doll can boost your sex life.
Have you ever imagined making a threesome with your partner? A doll could help you achieve that free of guiltiness and jealousy. There are plenty of new sex games you can play in the bedroom. Maybe you get inspired reading the stories of couples who bought a love doll.
If you have a long distant relationship, a love doll can be useful to keep you satisfied during the long days of loneliness.

Cleaning after use

Hygiene is an essential aspect of using a love doll. A clean and tidy sex doll will serve you longer, smell great and look sexier. While sex dolls should be kept clean at all times, the cleanup procedure isn't that demanding especially if you don't cum inside. More so often, all you need is flush out the orifices with soapy water.
To do this, you just have to use the vaginal irrigator included in the package. This tool makes the cleaning process super easy. All you need to do is fill the bulb with warm soapy water, insert the syringe in any cavity and flush it out by squeezing the bulb.
After you've flushed out the orifices, you'll need to dry them up to avoid moisture buildup which can result in fungal growth.


We recommend using tampons to dry the orifices because they are not only much easier to insert but also very effective at absorbing moisture.

Dressing Your Sex Doll

Clothes can be a powerful arousal complement. In a recent post at desire.com, was proved that sexy lingerie can turn waning arousal into heated passion. If you own a love doll, you might want to spice things up by dressing and accessorizing your doll in sexy outfits, cool jewelery or even a new hairstyle.

  • Hairstyle

    Changing the wig of our doll will make her look like another person! Each doll comes with a wig included in the package, but any kind of wig will fit your doll's head.

  • Clothes and lingerie

    Today, there are a variety of outfits and costumes that would transform the looks of your doll to make her sexier, bring back memories, and fulfill your ultimate bedroom fantasies and more. These ranges from lingerie, kinky costume, fetish wear and much more.

  • Jewelery

    When it comes to accessorizing your doll, wigs, artificial beauty nails and jewelry are a great option. They make a doll look sexier and attractive which evokes your primal sex drive.

  • Perfume

    Lastly, Perfumes and colognes give your doll a sweet sensational fragrance to bring back romantic memories. Most perfumes and colognes contain alcohol which can erode your dolls skin made of TPE material. To avoid compromising the integrity of your dream girl, be careful to apply the perfume on the clothes and not on the doll's skin or look for a cologne without alcohol.

How to store you doll

Where do you put your doll after banging her? Well, it all narrows down to the size of your doll and the available storage space. And this brings us to two main storage positions:

  • Hanging

    This is the best storage position especially if you are short on space. When hanged, the doll is in a vertical position, which means equal weight distribution and thus no side is squeezed. Also, hanging allows the doll to further drain any remaining moisture.
    Hanging your sex doll is best if you have a shelf or closet in your house. You will have to remove the head of the doll and screw on its place a hanging hook that we will provide you. Make sure the bar where you hang your doll is strong enough to support its weight.

  • Lying down

    Lying your sex doll is not only super easy but also downright less risky. Unlike hanging, there're zero chances of your doll falling for not being hanged properly. Additionally, you can convert its delivery box into a storage container that comes with preconfigured cushions.
    However, if the position causes uneven weight distribution which can squeeze certain areas and deform the doll in the long term.

Our best seller sex doll

Here is Letizia our most popular doll. She is perfect to practice because is not as heavy as taller dolls. If it is your first time buying a doll, we recommend you getting a doll under 140 cm. They are lighter to move around and easier to store.

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A love doll is a great investment

Today, it's one of the hottest pleasure products in the sex toy market. Across the pacific, in japan, have not only become modern bedroom legends but people are starting to think that they are better than real women. And this could be the actual trend seen in a recent post by as Masayuki Ozaki "my sex doll is better than my real wife".

Although sex dolls might be on the verge of dominating bedroom affairs, there's one important thing every user must keep in mind. Your sex doll will serve you right only if you know how to use it. In this guide, we have covered almost everything you need to know about how to use a love doll!

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