How a sex doll can prevent premature ejaculation

Sex, like anything in life, is a skill you have to learn.

The bedroom is the only place where men are crowned for finishing last. As a matter of fact, sex is the thread between two people in any relationship. I mean, you don't want your date, girlfriend or wife rating you poorly in her head against all her previous sex partners.
Or even worse, cheating on you for not being able to provide her own share of orgasms. Not to mention that most women don't have the patience a man would need to master the skill of lasting longer in bed. Well, there are no shortcuts on how to go about the matter.

  • Learn to feel where your limits are – and extend them.
  • Increase your stamina and last longer in bed.
  • Experience stronger, longer, and more intense orgasms.
  • Practice exercises for treating premature ejaculation.

There has got to be room to practice again and again.

However, there is no right way to ask a woman to let you practice with her pussy without being offensive. Again, not telling them and having them rant about your inefficiency is even worse. This sort of issue is bound to elicit a lot of stress, mainly because no man wants their ego hurt at the end of the day.
Given that the situation calls for loads of practice, we would highly recommend the use of sexdolls. After all, a sex doll will never get tired of your endless practice sessions. Also, it doesn't kiss and tell. This means that your secret will be safe for as long as you need to practice. Meanwhile, you also stand to enjoy intense sexual satisfaction during the entire process.

The best way to practice on your stamina is by using a sex doll.

This is because it has all the physical attributes of an attractive woman. Also, it can help you immediately identify your edging point. The doll gives you an opportunity to train on ways to maintain yourself on edge without finishing. That way, you'll know what works for you. Penetrating TPE sex dolls provides such a real feeling that it is a challenge not to cum. When you masturbate using your hand the stimulation is not close to the real thing.

Lasting longer in bed is a basic skill for every man regardless of his age

Men who were able to overcome the mental struggle that comes with it have, over time, grown into sex giants. For most young men, though, these sorts of issues can be linked to their inexperience.

They just haven't had enough practice holding their load back. It is understandable for any man to want to practice control throughout their sex life.

Here are a few things you can do with a TPE sex doll to improve your control and boost your sex performance:

  • Try stopping right before cum, a technique called "edging".
  • Practice different kamasutra positions.
  • Increase the time spree you take during edging before you nut.
  • Practice on holding off your cum when you can almost feel it coming.

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Don't forget that it is all about lasting longer in bed

Being able to fuck a real pussy (or ass ;D) for long enough to make your real-life partner or hookups scream with desire.

Therefore, no matter what, you should endeavor not to get hooked to your masturbatory habit with the sex doll. Or should I say... don't forget to keep your eyes on the big prize! These techniques can work for anyone, and that includes you. But you may never know until you try!

Kegel exercises

There are some physical exercises that you could couple up with your edging exercises. They aim at strengthening the PC or pubococcygeus muscle. The routine involves four exercises that only get easier with time. They comprise of:

  • The flutter technique:

    This involves flexing and releasing the PC muscle for 10 to 20 times for a warm-up session.

  • Then the squeeze and hold:

    It entails a tightly squeeze the PC muscle for as long as you can hold at several intervals.

  • the random flexing style:

    is meant to establish control over the whole PC system hence involves ten flutters followed by a huge tight holding.

  • Perfume

    Lastly, Perfumes and colognes give your doll a sweet sensational fragrance to bring back romantic memories. Most perfumes and colognes contain alcohol which can erode your dolls skin made of TPE material. To avoid compromising the integrity of your dream girl, be careful to apply the perfume on the clothes and not on the doll's skin or look for a cologne without alcohol.

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